Monday, August 1, 2011

My extra artwork.

I volunteered to create some extra pieces for my Painting/Drawing/Photo class in Rome. I was really excited to "respond" to the photographs that I had taken. I wanted to try and create pieces that echoed the Medieval era, but also experimented with color and line in a more contemporary way. I created a diptych of two of my favorite photos that I took while I was abroad. These pieces are mixed media on canvas. I experimented with different paints, in combination with pastels ( my favvvvvorite ) and I also used items like Euro coins and feathers. I am not an art major, but I still have a blast creating pieces that are fun and not so serious. 

Sunday, July 31, 2011


This is me, and my amazing Persian cat Gracie. I missed her a lot while I was gone. 


Awesome blonde, purple, red and brown hybrid mullet. 

Just some random photos. I chose not to do anything special with these, they are not my favorite, however they assist in my documentation of redheads in Italy.

yes. red dreds.

More more more

I created THIS photo by........

Combining all of these images, pretty cool, eh?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

one of my favorites

Ok, since I have told Isaac (my husband) that I did this, I can FINALLY share the photos. 

This photos were taken at St. Angelo Bridge, just outside of Castle Sant' Angelo. All over the grating to the bridge there were locks. Each lock had 2 names written on it, representing a relationship. The back of the locks had the date that these people either started dating, or got married. Along with some of my friends in Rome, we all decided to do the same for our significant others back in the states. 

This was my gift to my husband. We now have a lock, representative of our love for one another, steadfast and strong, on a pretty important bridge in Rome, Italy.


A True Redhead!

Even though this woman is not what we call a "fire head," she is still a red head. Even though her strawberry locks differ from the others, I want to show that there are indeed strawberry headed woman running around Italy! It is not all dye.

Back on track

This woman was walking through the Borghese Gardens while we were having lecture with Professor Gaddy. I had to walk away for a moment to capture the shot. Sorry about that Gaddy!

A little beside the point

I took this picture of some flowers in Venice. Located outside of some villa, I thought this area was just beautiful. It was at the entrance to an art show that was an off site exhibition related to the Venice Biennale. I wish there was a way I could replicate this area in my backyard! 

I wanted to add some of the artwork we saw at these off site Biennale galleries. At these places the architecture and decor really added to the aesthetics. These places were gorgeous.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


This photo was taken during a quick trip to the Vatican Post Office. Like I mentioned earlier, this is my first photography class, and I know that one of the cardinal rules of photography is to ALWAYS have your camera ready. I got lucky with this photo. A simple trip to the post office turned into an artistic opportunity.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

There is an exception.

I did not want to retouch this photo. Even though it goes against the premise of my project, this photo is amazing. When I look at this picture I am reminded of the saying, "You are only as old as you feel." I guess I am assuming that this woman feels pretty young! I admire this woman's confidence. When I grow up, I want hair this cool.

maroon Metro

I took this picture of a woman riding on the metro. We were on our way back to the dorms when I saw her get into our subway car. I remember some students that were standing around me kindly moved aside while I took her picture. 

Top- untouched
Bottom- well yea, its retouched. 

This photo was taken on the tram ride to the MAXXI in Rome, Italy. Sneaky, sneaky. 

 top- untouched

Share the Magic

I thought this was a great moment. Everyone has them. As your walking, something suddenly takes you by surprise, like noticing how many calories are in the Coca-Cola you are consuming. 

Inspired by the star and glitter on her shirt. 
Top- Untouched
Bottom- Retouched

Thursday, July 21, 2011


top- untouched
bottom- retouched. (just having some fun, trying to figure out photoshop)


top- untouched


These are my first images. I just got PHOTOSHOP! So I am still figuring out how to use it. The top image is not altered. The bottom image is my first experiment with photoshop. The young woman pictured here was sketching outside the Vatican. Even though she is younger, I had to get a picture of her hair.


The same goes here. The top is not altered, and the bottom, well, I played around with creating clouds. I thought it was neat, but it was not the exact effect I was looking for. Pictured above, I noticed this woman walking down the street as I was waiting outside the post office. It was hard for me to get a great detail picture, she knew I was trying to snap her photo! I remember when she walked by, she stopped at a flower stand. She leaned over to smell all the flowers. She stayed there quite a while, and the whole time she kept gazing back at me. In my eyes, this woman was the epitome of what I was trying to capture, unfortunately my lack of speaking Italian, and my lack of stealth left me with this photo.


My name is Angela G. I am an Art History student at the University of North Florida. Over the summer, I was privileged enough to have the amazing opportunity of studying abroad. I spent one month in Italy, which was too short.
While abroad, I decided to enroll in a photography class. I figured I would be taking loads of photos anyway, so I wanted to have a theme or some sort of project to base my photos upon. Honestly, I had a hard time thinking of what I wanted to concentrate on, as far as a subject. There are so many amazing things in Italy, it is hard to choose just one idea.
However, about half way through our trip... the light bulb came on! While we were walking through Rome, I noticed that  A LOT of Italian women dye their hair bright candy apple, fire engine, RED! I thought it was amazing, these women who come from a strict Roman Catholic background would have such bright hair!
The women owned this look. They were confident. It was as if the red color of their hair reflected the personality of the woman. I decided they would be my subject.
I never went and spoke with these women face to face. I wanted to capture these Italian women in their own element, living their day to day lives. Since this is my first photography project, I feel pretty proud of moments I have been able to capture. I hope you enjoy.